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mi2z teE

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[06 Jan 2004|05:37pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

happy one year and five months! hahahaha im such a nerd

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[06 Jan 2004|04:19pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

HEY EVERYONE! hehe I AM BACK! this is seriously tanya! hehe i missed lj but yeah jenni made my l a lot better! thanks LOTS! i love you haha you stupid ass hacker! jp.. yeah well i kinda of abandoned LJ for xanga ><; but yeah its a lot easier hehe.. i dont know i love both. . i come in occasionally to cehck out my lj but i guess ive been lazy. see up there where it says SMiLE'z xanga? go there and then youll see me updayte more but ill try to updayte more here too. . lol i still love yuna and tidus =] iiyte well ill edit later maybe.. byeee

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HACKER [04 Jan 2004|10:13am]
[ mood | devious ]

im tanyas personal hacker...shes greatly agitated with russell.. but i still looooooove him [= hahaha that tingly love is still there for you russell!
i miss tanya! ahh i barely get to talk to her and shes a homo..well not her, her brother is. that stupid punk.. god he gets jealous of hER? dang...dude i dont see why he needs to pry in her life.. hes pretty immature.. dude usuall sibs dont care what the other does.. but i dont know.. got he just wants to start. =P poo on you i hate you! hahaha but yeahh im not that interestin at ton ton shake your bon bon.......

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cumquat .. YUMMY! [03 Jan 2004|12:34pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

tanyas a butt.. i called her last night but she no pick up or call back...aww wellz.. im getting my jacket today! wo0t wo0t! shoes are next week... hahahaha i cant wait im suppose to frickin go but my sisters fiance is a laggin dumb bird! well im outers

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bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh! =] [03 Jan 2004|01:59am]
[ mood | drained ]

its still jae! hahaha im still bored...but im very very tired now.. not as energetic! hmmm im just online chattin away with david, tanyas cuzh..he is very cool.. =] uhm uhm uhm

I LOVE ORLANDO BLOOM! that sexy beast! hes my bf and he knows it! okay niters

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[ mood | loved ]

i dont know what im doing! im completely bored and its like frickin one am! hahaha tanyas a butt i remember i wanted a lj because she had one and i thought it was better than xanuhger!! hahaha well now she uses xanuhger more! haha so im takin her lj over! she doesnt know it yet.. im bound to tell her! hehehe im so bored and all the links are like yeah so ima like fix it up for my lover! hahaha im bored and i love my friend.. and and i love this wun guy.. he just doesnt know it.. muahaha okay niters!

i dont know what im seriously doin! i thought yuna and tidus were just yeah! hahaha im slowly learning about lj! hahahaha tanya i hope she doesnt mind me messing around.. pluss her stuff didnt work!! so yeah hehe im keeping this LJ hahahahaha

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[30 Oct 2003|04:07pm]
[ mood | i dernos . . . ]

this is like playing in my head.. i like this song tho! . . .

"___, don't tell me no more lies
Pretending that you're satisfied
Baby I know your love's not true
Quit trying to play me for a fool

___[its supposed to be girl lol but i dont spin that way] you know that you are wrong
You're here one minute and the next you're gone
I'm not blind baby I can see
So why don't you admit
You don't love me "

hahah its a good song! thanks to julros's xg. but yeah their groups name is weird.. o well anyways weeks gone by and things have been okee. if i cross out something then everything wus great. . uhmm tuesday wus fun! went to see sha ehn truc ehn we went to go eat burrito express an have a long talk. then i walked back to school ehn talkedo n the fone wit andria fer awhiles.. HAHA reminds me of her today.. shes called bunni cause omfg she needed to go pee today and shse wus like BOUNCING everywhere waiting to go home. it wus hilarious =] lol but anyways then on tuesday after i wus on the fone wit her i went to kik it with peter ehn harrison ehn jon! hehe they were playing bball. jsut talked ehn joked around while they played. jon hadda go and peter ehn harri stayed with me til i left =D thanks guys! yeah lol and then wednesday wus nothing . . went and saw fiight wit russell and xenon and then to eat lil ceasers with maza ehn samantha. then camacho showed up. he wus being sucha dorko. LOL and then maza ehn me jsut talkedo n our way back ehn i walked her pretty far and then ran over to pomeroy to get picked up. went to club sport and then worked out wit bell then cycling. thats when i met PHILLIP! hes cyute! hahah i didnt really talk to him but yah . . lol oh wells mark says hes like an asshole or wtv. he didnt exactly say that but he sayd he has a VERY BIG EGO. blah. haha after kiked it ehn went home.

HAPPY BIG ASS BIRTHDAY TO JESSICA I LOVE YOU [sometimes . . ] LOL jp ! heheh kk

today really it sucked. ITS COLD NOW// DAMNiT.. i derno where my feelings are =/ . . . and yeah i am laying off cause really its not worth it and that person hasnt told me anything worth waiting for anyways so wuts the fukkn point? im not really m a d d or anything .. kinda just annoyed for right now that the person couldnt SAY nooooo to my damn question. is it that hard? i mean im not gonna DIE?!
but yeah hahah im OK! halloweens tomroo!! i am prob going trick or treating =] FREE CANDY WOOT WOOT! hahah i dont really feel like writing i never do now? weird haha i used to write a lot. rhea reminded me how its like "you were always smiling last year, how come this year your always sad?" i dont know? lol things happen?? hehe i love my friends even tho they are crazy =]

[recap] argh this is so fukkn gay . . i REALLY need to talk to someone who would understand . . god =[

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wo0t wo0t day off! agh now i have homewerk! ><..shit i didnt bring it.. [22 Oct 2003|06:14pm]
[ mood | happy ]

hahaha hii!! today wus fun fun fun! yup^^.. hehe well this morning i woke up at like around 730am but i wus tired so i waited till my mom wus done with the bathroom and then i finally got up and showered ehn changed and brought some clothes. my mom dropped me off at christines house like at 9am and she wus like sleepy! hahaha i made breakfast and christine didnt like MY eggs so she made her own. lol man she is not tru viet! lol mostly just kiked it at her house.. planning wut to wear and how to do our hair cause we wunted to take pics! =] uhmm finally we got ready after it took forever for xtine to curl my hair and to curl in hers haha. me//xtine// her sis steph, left their house and walked to Qphotos. their house is hella close so it wus fine.. haha sha says i take pics to much. but wtv. lol yeah it took awhile for us to get all the stuff we wunted to pick out. we took pics and then went to MCeeD's to get some food! got a free mcflurry! yum hahaha. we didnt finish it all tho damnit. lol everytime im out with xtine i get fat cause i eat. lol so sad. then we walked to millers Outpost to see wut there wus. michael called =] harri wus over! anyways really there wus nothing to buy.. haha christine wus jsut tempted to buy somethign cause she uwnted to waste her money! but then no good thing we didnt. uhmm we first were walkign to mervyns and this weirdo guy drives buy saying somethign weird. dint know wth? and then we were really close to mervyns when this flip guy drives by lookn and then his friends waves and i wus jsut like uhh lets go back and we passed millers outpost like 3 times before we made up our mind to go to mervyns.. haha we did but nothing wus there it wus all xpensive ehn ugly LOL =p so we walked back to get our proofs.. it wus HELLA funny cause when we got there our pics turned out cyute! hehe but then me ehn chrsitinee fukkn argued which ones we wunted i wu like gettign mad adn the lady loked impatient it wus funny but me ehn christine are lke sisters so wtv. hahaha wus funyn we finally made up our descision and i bought one picture that christine didnt wunt. psh! then we walked back to xtines house to chill and then phuong anh called ehn asked if we wuntedto go malling and she would take us but then her mom at first sayd no. i went outside to see michaels house but i fergot which one wus his so i called but then he hadda go? so then i went back and christine and i went to michaels house. haha it wus hell funny cause he confused us! got stupid head and then like we finally knew whihc one wus his house so we took harris ehn michael's shoes. LOL right then his mom came and me ehn christine were like FUK?!?! wut r we suppowsed to do?!?! and so i liek gave xtine all the shoes and seh tried hiding them pretending to call someone hahahahaha btu then his mom just came in and out and then when she left we put back the shoes. after awhile michael finally let us in and i sat on the couch. hehe and then christine went to play his piano. his hosue is hella nice that dumbutt! hahaha ehn yeah kiked it fer a lil bit and phuong anh called saying we could go malling so we hurried.. haha michael ran up to his room adn then we went up and saw his room and then we hadda go so sayd bye. phuong anh picked all three of us up to go to gmall. it wus like 3pm and we saw sheren and julros. then went shopping! hehe xtine bought hella stuff from afterthoughts! ^^ she bought me ehn phuong anh a bracelet! so cool its matching!! heheheheh it wus liek buy 10 things for 5 dollars. yupp.. then to forever where i bought jsut one shirt i could afford. it wus pretty cyute ehn phuogn anh bought a black//pink one that i have to =]] . christine bought hella shit at the mall but they were all cyute too damnit.. haha harri should be like shes the rich one!!! lol yah o0o i feel sad her sister didnt buy anything! hrmms well just went to look aorund ehn then outside to wait for our ride back. i saw mei! =D miss her soo much she like finally recognized me and hugged me ^^ hehehe fun fun. im glad we went malling with our sis phuong anh i love her! ;D psh even tho xtine ehn ehr were TRYING to shun me! stupid butts cause they're jealous im going to erics first bellermin dance with him sucka! lol phononies dad dropped xtine//me//her sis off at library and we walked fast over to qphotos to get our pics =D yup and then back to library and her sister got a book and then they went home and i went to my cousins hosue.. yup! now im jsut kikn it worried bout doing stupid fukkn homewerk! i didnt bring it either damnit! >< hehe dont be a procrastinator like me!

you knwo wut pisses me off? some of my relatives.. =T blah

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[15 Oct 2003|09:30pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

i erno i dont like to blog much but really i just kiked it today.. school wus iiyte.. uhmm after school tho me ehn phuong anh and tiffy went to burrito express and then we met up with reynalynn//mazers//samanthers//camacho. then yeah i went wit fo0nonie to go get drinks but they were sold out so then we were walking back and then michael pops up behind and harri! =]] and yeah then got some food which i owe money =//.. remind me! lol and then ate with harri ehn michael. psh michael that pig jp heheadn then went out with teh otehr girls i uno just kiked it with both.. MICHAEL stole my wallet or should i say HARRI! i erno i know that michael had my id shit and then tried sticking my wallet in his pants! lol -_^ jp and then the owner sayd to give it back yup! and then we all talked and then they were making fun of ME! psh weirdos and then i hadda helal go so i didnt get introuble so me ehn tiffany and diana [grr] walked back and i sayd bye to tiffy and waited there awhile cause harri ehn michael sayd they would walk BACK with me! but no they didnt but it wus iiyte. and then i uno michael popped in back of me agen hahaha cuase hw wus runnig nadn so did harri cause i think that htey were runnign from reyna//maza//samanthers yeah funny! but they waited with me and we jsut joked around.. wus fun ^^. then iwent to club sport to work out and then jenni tried helping me with math but yeah nothing much.. then back to davids and online.. haha michael called me stupid butt didnt know where he wus? lol.. oh but wut wus helal funny wus sasha imed me and then i found out shes the one who gave my propz for xg but i dont liek her cuase she cheated on eric and hes my besht "bf" [our inside joke] and then so i pretended to be his GF! but then stupid tommys big MOTUH made ita big deal and then they sayd we were jp. but yeah it wus funny i still dont like her ass tho cause shes stupid ass for hurting eric anyways. yup yup.. guys have feelings too.. but haha im more sympathetic to girls ^^. LOL well gtg i need study damnit! >< test tomor im scurred.. im listening to one call away -_^......

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[14 Oct 2003|03:51pm]
[ mood | confused ]

ergh i SWEAR this is a LOAD OF BS! this is why i never trust guys. psh i trust them and then i fall damnit.. and why should i care.. man i feel stupid as fuck.. =T

thanks to my best bf eric! =D.. hhehe thanks for caring.also samanthers//mazers//phuong anh muahs!

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[07 Oct 2003|05:50pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

jAs beRRie 01: rofl umm
jAs beRRie 01: i took a lifeguarding class
jAs beRRie 01: and then..
jAs beRRie 01: we had to do a practice run on this last day
jAs beRRie 01: and there was this boy
jAs beRRie 01: who kept on getting dunked by his sister
jAs beRRie 01: so then.. a GROUP OF US had to jump in
jAs beRRie 01: and save him
jAs beRRie 01: WHOOHOO!
JusA SimpL SmiLe: OH YES!
JusA SimpL SmiLe: hey btu whos that
JusA SimpL SmiLe: make it
JusA SimpL SmiLe: *r******
JusA SimpL SmiLe: an ****e
JusA SimpL SmiLe: LOL!
jAs beRRie 01: LOL!
jAs beRRie 01: nono
JusA SimpL SmiLe: that would be fukkn funny
jAs beRRie 01: they passed out
jAs beRRie 01: while making out
jAs beRRie 01: they didnt breathe enough
jAs beRRie 01: so i had to jump in
jAs beRRie 01: and bitch slap ****e
jAs beRRie 01: hahha
jAs beRRie 01: so she revived
jAs beRRie 01: and got back to life
jAs beRRie 01: lol
JusA SimpL SmiLe: omfg
JusA SimpL SmiLe: if you really said that
JusA SimpL SmiLe: that owuld be SO FUNNY
jAs beRRie 01: LOL!
jAs beRRie 01: no i wouldnt
JusA SimpL SmiLe: haha man mayeb i should do somehting liekthat HAHAHAHA
jAs beRRie 01: lol yea!

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[07 Oct 2003|03:34pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

heheh lately ive been really happy.. well im back at lj! but then see i never have time and im so lazy. but DONT worry i sitll love my LJ buddys! =].. sorry i havent updayted lately tho! goodness i do have hella homewerk tho. and schools been hella fun. yeah this year is so busy tho >.< haha tony says i flirt so much from last year. blah o well! =D its innocent anyways.. hey jasmine! if your sitll using lj anyways! heheh im bored as ever at home i jsut wunt people to go online cause i barely am i online cuase my fukkn stupid ass brother i HATE HIM! T_T he delted evyrone off my BL on purpose and my cousin stood up for me and then hella drama happened ahh... wtv. well i like lea.. chim =D [harri] hahaha boys are weirdo. ive been making new friends too.. wo0t wo0t hahaha i last weekend wus kinda boring but went swimming. michael//kevin were at harri's house! and then yeah i got to see them ^^ and yeah my lil cousins were over and then i went to jessicas and then kiked it.. then went to my cousins to get food and online for like 15 minutes. then home and wus talking to phuong anh after she told me he liked me **SMILES** and yah we talked for like 4 hours til like 4 am i fukkn swear >< i only got one hour of sleep.. blah and i went fukkn hiking. then took a shower ehn home and slept for another hour and then my dad picked me ehn my brother up and i thot it would jsut be so fukkn boring but then it wusnt so bad. we went to ate at Quiznos *yum yum* and then we headed to Gmall to go watch a movie an i picked underworld. my brother sayd it wus iiyte so we went and that girl in there is pretty! she maybe have dark hair and a vampire [she doesnt look liek a vampire] but shes pretty!!! LOL ima weirdo. then my dad took me ehn my brother home. i hella wunted to go jump a movie but my dad sayd no =T blah. lol he droped us off ehn then my mom took me to jessicas. haha we mostly just chilled agen. i wus "doing my homewerk" and talking to harri. =] jessica wus fukkn writing all over my hand man.. we ate after and then my mom came to pick me up and went to davids and i went online cause my brother wusnt there! OH YES.. haha he doesnt come anymore. but yeah anyways went home and did homewerk acutally no i TRIED but i fell asleep LOL ..

monday wus yesterday.. ack i hadda wake up at 5am to go to mr smiths. we had a good workout! wo0t. hehe i think hes the best trainer i swear and i liek his music. then went to school. i felt hella weirdi uno and i wus kinda pissed most of the day cause i felt like some of us were ignoring me and i kept asking harri but then hes all i uno im not him blah blah lol.. but yeah wtv. OOO the best part of monday wus scaring that seventh grade girl with eric! FINALLY! damn haha cause she always says hi to eric and then wen im with him she says NOTHING?! LOL so this time i pretended to be erics gf agen and i wus walking with him and we didnt see her so then i wus liek where am i suppsoed to hide behidn a tree?! and then hes all no hidein the bathroom ahead so i did and then she saw him and wus liek HI ERIC!!!!! and i came out and wus like YOU NEEDA STOP JOQQN ON MY BOYFRIEND! and then she turned around and kept walking liek she wus scurred or some shit HAHAHAHA it wus so funny. i uno if i wrote it in here.. lol and then after school too he kept ignoring me! yeah then me samanthers and phuong anh went to go talk to people and then eveyrone had to go so them it wus us three and samnthers ehn phuong anh were going to lil ceasers but they waited with me and we had this lil convo. hehe my besht buds. hrmms i wus still kidna annoyed but then when i went to swim it jsut went all away and i wus pretty happy. =]. we had an easy practice with katra [omg shes leaving =[ ] but yeah it wus cool me ehn jas took a shower and then went to do homewerk! uhmm i guess me ehn brighton are iiyte right now but i sitll have some blahs about him LOL.. and i hope he know wutsup with his gf cause he had it coming. yup yup but i wus grateful he helped me wit homewerk! yay! hahahah i need all the help i can get.. im so proud at leasti m fukkn passing. hrmms well after all the homewerk i went back to davids and did nothing really tried writing my fukkn RD for harrell but i didnt cuase i wus jsut chatting online and thats when lea...chim and i were talking. XD and then i guess we both told eachother who we liked. yuppers and i hadda go. haha then i went home and did some homewerk and called phuong anh we talked for a bit thenshe hadda go. i love her hehe

today wus fun. and now "we" arent so weird liek yesterday. =] we just flirt a lot hahaha nothing realy happened today to tell but yeah.. hahah haha maza is hella funny! she wore my wrap for tahitian today. it feels liek me ehn her got clsoer but its cool cuase i love her too. hahaha. i had to fukkn put the wrap on her. and then i told her who i liekd and shes liek aww.. love is in the air today blah blah! and then after school she wus running around and the wrap wus on her head LOL! omfg she looked muslim. im not beign racist but she did cause shes dark. it wus so FUNNY! and then she hella wus picking on lea...chim if he wus going to ask my out but.. i dont think so at all. so oh wells! but yeah. haha then i went home i sayd bye to everyone yup yup.

**smile big**

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[28 Sep 2003|01:29pm]
[ mood | bored ]

im bored im at christines.. a lot of things happened this week i uno.. blah heheh.. da dee dah.. i hella jsut uwnna do somehting ive barely updayted this shit.. and when i did yesteray it just didnt work so then i gave up on it.. lol its sad i blogged in my xanger than in my lj =T i still love lj more.. hehe but if you wunan see my xanga its xanga.com/jusa_simpl_smile okee dokers.. hehe =D

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BI CIRCLE! =] [16 Sep 2003|03:42pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

i uno today wus good.. in the morning tho i wus kinda in a bad mood cause my mommy wus like telling me to consider my brother's feelings about including him and shit.. man IF HE DOESNT WUNT TO GO WHY DOES HE HAVE TO RUIN MY TIME.. EVEN with my DAD! im like WTF? now you dont wunt me to go anywhere? dont want me to go anywhere with my dad cause my brothers fukkn tripping?! you know that has nothing to do with me so why is she fukkn telling me this shit.. i DONT CARE.. im so TIRED or hearing wut MICHAEL needs cause he TAKES it out on me. he has so many choices and more priviledges than me but he just never uses it and then he blames me for shit! i cant belive i live with this bastard! i hate him.. my mom forgives him so EASILY. man if he wus my son i would fukkn slap him. Even if he feels neglected he shouldnt take it out on me where he threatens to do shit to me or wreck my things just to GET HIS WAY.. thats hwy im never home. god damn and if my mom wunts me to stay home why dont ij sut wuit SWIMMING?! its like now hes gonna tell me to stop swimming.. gahhh i hate MY FAMILY PROBLEMS.. i knwo i dont hate my brother btu really he has problems and he's just bringing me down with him and giving my mom shit.. i WILL NEVER forgive him for making //her// cry. i mean he makes me cry all the time but its like he doesnt give a damn about her. FUK HIM! i dont really care if anyone reads this shit cause im so tired ehn i dont care i hate thinking about this shit i know im not the only one but blah...

OKKKK! anyways the day went on and i felt BETTER! =D

hehe well i woke up a lil late for phuong anhs hosue but wtv. my mom brought me over about around 720am? i uno but phuong anh wus in the shower.. ahh hehehe its okee im used to it and i sitll love her.. then shedid her hair and then she tried crimping mine but it took toooo LONG! man my hair sucks! but its okee i liek my regular hair lol. cause i think this is the first time i acutally took school pics with my hair just down ^^ i hope i dont have chinky eyes =/ [erics my chinky eye buddy LOL] anyways yeah me ehn foo nonie were in a hurry jsut getting dressed blah blah.. hehe i love DOT! im not mad at her i swear cause my hair wus kidna crimped and then we were gonna be kidna late so then i wunted to straighten it and hten foononie thinks it her fualt but its not i SWEAR! i love you! hehe i jsut had fun so wtv.. went to school in my jeans and a tan tank it wus cute had a tie to the side and shit. first period went to see people during green generation uhmm did classwork and shit. 2nd wus harrell's.. blah then to brunch.. it wus cool just chilled with people i think mostly talking i uno 3rd wus pictures! just mostly kiked it and shit.. hehe man ruben kept hitting me.. haha mostly talked wit rhea//foononie//maza// ruben.. ahh i haveta make maza her name thing.. AND samantha mannnn.. agh.. OMFG I HADDA CHANGE cause my tank or wTV WUS SHOWY IN THE BACK! i wus like WTF?!??!?!?! cuase it wus all nice and then this lady all stops the picture telling me i cant wear skinny straps and then i wus like well hello whos taking ap icture in the back NO ONE?!?! btu it wus okeei brought my pretty white shirt i wus planning to wear and i did^^.. hehe anyways after wus leadership.. i mostly did my homewerk cause i wus fukkn lazy yesterdy and didnt do ANY h/w.. BIG THANKS TO CHRISTINE! I FUKKN LOVE YOU!!! MUAH! and some to phuong anh! hehe yeah some of us were high in leadership.. AND ERIC STOLE MY PENCIL CAP!!! lol its acutally his but wtv.. lunch wus hella FUN! =].. i uno just at teh table having fun.. hshaha michael HAS NO EXISTING PEDRO PSH! lol and damn ruben kept touching me. its supposed to be DAVID my perv buddy =D..me ehn andria checked out this cute seventh grader and viet wus kikn it with us too hes sucha cyutie lol i uno and jsut joking aorund mostly all of it.. ROTH wus a bitch saying we couldnt go in the bball courts agen tomor CAUSE WE WERENT PLAYING! but no one passed us the ball thats ukkn messed saying we werent playing.. when you dont get the ball dont mean you not blocking someone or waiting for it man.. she can kiss my booty! ;p uhmm 5th wus math i kinda didnt get soem stuff and i think ym dads pissed i got a C in geometry =[[.. and soo im gonna try my best but im so busy but i knwo i should cause yeah =//..uhmm after 6th period wus cool.. hugged vieton the way then my perv buddy and tehn in class we just joked around and whoa christine touched something! o.O;... and yeah bianca and chrsitine were like lez LOL but it wus funny and then i sat with david and i pushed him off the chair.. haha i am suppsoed to meet him at BTSN [back to school night] tonight lol -_^ LOL we're j/p tho.. anyways yeah finally got out off class and then yeah i guess me ehn reyna are okee now.. im making her banner! but shes not on and i dont got a picture so its good wtv. hehe yeah after shcool i saw reyna and samantha skipping holding hands and iwus like GASP because me ehn samanthas ar BI [were JP] cause we are together but she lieks EJ and i like JT and i wus all OMFG SHES CHEATING ON ME! so yeah after i wus like your cheating on me with reyna! lol and then i wus like yo ucant cheat without me and then samantha and reyna sayd to grabs samnthas so we started running aorund cirlcing random people LOL and reynas armpit got suck to someones head HAHAH.. we were making BI circles! oh yeah hehehe =D.. it wus funn...!!! yup then we got tired ehn sweaty and then i walked bahmyself to the parkinglot cause andria kept hurrying me to coem then when i hurried her to coem she wus tkaing long so yeah.. uhmm i waited ehn waved to viet then bre came and she used my fone and then we talked a bit and i got picked up and now im at home on the interenet getting ready to get my ass to do HOMEWERK ehnthe brochure then i have BTSN! bye ya'll! =D

man i feel bad because its like if i fail in school or be a bad kid i fial both my parents because im surprised my dad wus sad yesterday =//... AHH DRAMA shit all created by a BRATT.. =[[.

oh birthday shout to NANCY last friday ^^ and then JUSTIN CELESTE TODAY! =D

oo recap bout saturday! i went to tiffys wit phuong anh to kik it and have yummy food.. tehn phuong anhs for big talks and my emotional talks.. then sunday to christines for fun and homewerk! =] then monday wus break down =// but yeah SMILE NOW!

"Never deprive someone of hope,it may be all they have"

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[14 Sep 2003|12:03pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

A Friend....
(A)ccepts you as you are
(B)elieves in "you"
(C)alls you just to say "HI"
(D)oesn't give up ! ! on you

(E)nvisions the whole of you (even the unfinished parts)
(F)orgives your mistakes
(G)ives unconditionally
(H)elps you
(I)nvites you over

(J)ust "be" with you
(K)eeps you close at heart
(L)oves you for who you are
(M)akes a difference in your life

(N)ever Judges
(O)ffer support
(P)icks you up
(Q)uiets your fears
(R)aises your spirits

(S)ays nice things about you
(T)ells you the truth when you need to hear it
(U)nderstands you
(V)alues you

(W)alks beside you
(X)-plains thing you don't understand
(Y)ells when you won't listen and
(Z)aps you back to reality

im so glad i have my friends who will be there for me.. i know that sometiems we dont keep all our friends as we grow older but we sitll have our memories.. sometimes friendship is a lot better than having a messed up family..

4 your tears..

JT^^ [10 Sep 2003|07:15pm]
[ mood | good ]

hehe todays a wednesday.. thank goodness NO AM workout!^^ yay! cause i would be falling my ass asleep.. uhmm i woke up and i wus late for school fukkn only ONE MINUTE! =[.. i have hella shit to do in kopplinger.. blah and then harrell's wus okee i haveta read tonight.. PE we did salsa shit and then we ran half a mile.. haha it wus pretty slow cause me//maza//rhea were mostly just joggn SlOW. yup.. uhmm brunch i wus hoongry =// dint get anything tho.. leadership worked on candy.. had some ^^ had the meeting.. haha its hella funny cause we always compete to who has second.. phuong anh is always first tho hahah.. yeah then fifth wus troxell.. finished homewrk crap.. i needa study for the test tomroo =[.. wish me luck you ppl! ^^ sixth wus iiyte.. i hate it how dominique says i talk liek a white girl.. im like fuk you psh. dont care. cause i rather sound like a white person than a fob you know? after school jsut kiked it a bit.. near the courtyard. then on the steps.. i uno sayd hi then me ehn christine went to burrito where we met up wit samantha and maza. we talked ehn joked and then shit april came and i closed my box of food and so did samantha but then april hella took maza's.. =//.. o well but yeah.. uhmmm samantha and maza left cause they were kidna mad i think and then so it wus like hella ppl cause there wus jordan, foononie,andria,alex,reyna,and more.. lol.. then i saw fresca ^^. and yeah omfg andria and foononie embarassed ME! cause jt and kevin yabut were walking and i sued to like JT but not anymore really and like hes still cute^^ aww hehe with his hat! yeah well we kiked it there at burrito then me ehn christine went to get 25 cent soda which tasted like cola =] haha and yeah on our way back jt wus standing infront of yabut and some guy and like he kept STARING.. i wus like wuttt? im not even lookn at you haha then i looked up and hes all hi and hten i sayd hi. haha prob cause i look familiar? but yeah wtv.. man now notice me that dumbutt. lol then we sayd bye and me ehn christine walked back wit sonya and kathy and we were talking bout gangs.. lol man kathy that GANSTER! LOL hehe it wus cool tho.. they left for cheer practice so me ehn xtine went to get her sister who wus waiting. then saw ms downey fora bit and then we waited for ride.. i got picked up and then went to club sport.. BARELY anyone wus there man.. just chilled fora bit then nikki finally came and then we tlakedi n the lockerroom.. haha i got an odwalla! ^^.. she did my hair [frenchbraid] wus cyute!.. yeah then we went upstairs to do weights for jsut a lil bit.. man so outa shape with that =//.. after went downstairrs and saw her lil sis doing dance.. she is SO CUTE i swear =D wutta princess hehehe.. then there wus cycling class OMFG im sore i wus sweating like a PIG! mann.. it wus tiring and we did it for an hour or some shit. but yeah it wus a good workout.. after i took a good shower and talk to boeny then blow dryed hair.. saw someone grr. lol i feel kidna bad cause her mom is so ncie and she sitll lieks me but i despise her daughter. blah.. o well.. uhmm i mostly wrote letters. one for foononie and then MIST book. yeah and got picked up.. went to 711 for lottery and saw this kidna cute guy =] yup ok and then back to davids where i SHOULD be doing my homewerk. so byeee you guys! man i tried calling russy but hes not picking up.. ooo wells! kk bye!

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[09 Sep 2003|06:08pm]
hey there! i knwo ive been real busy with school so i dont really comment as much to friends lj but i promise il try too so dont take me of your firends list okee dokes ?^^ thanks much!
4 your tears..

sup homie? [09 Sep 2003|04:37pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

haha i DISSED russell to write in my LJ! sucker! =] he sucks booty! ^^
blah im kidna bored but my day wus pretty good.. hrmms i havent blogged fer awhile.. im kinda getting hella tired of lj.. haha i mean i barely have time.. oh well anyways im here so yeah.. shit my ass HURTS.. i uno blah its mostly the right of it anyways.. hahaha im listening to GET LOW =] o yes -_^ .. hrmms last weekend wus cool..

SATURDAY=-> o09o06o03
hrmms lemee think.. oooh yeah! okee well i woke up and i checked my cell and russell called so i called him back.. it wus like 6 am T_T but we were ognna hike so it wus all good ^^... hehe russy jsut called to ask for directions or something so yeah i told him then i hadda get ready. i wus done then went to mission peak. When i got there i saw russy =] wutta weirdo ACTUAlly wore jeans! at least they were jean shorts anyway. hehe i first sayd hi to my hiking buddy jas tho =D. yeah and then tojessica and everyone.. then after waiting pretty long we got to hike.. at first i wus kidna annoyed cause we hadda stop every about ten minutes? but when we got to hiking more we jsut hiked mostly til the gate which were like 20-30 minutes.. ahh man >****< [wil not nasme incase this offends someone.. jasmine knos who im talkn bout] wus pissing me OFF.. i jsut wunted to kill him. i mean hes nice sometimes... but omfg that dayhe wus just being a smart aleck and i wusnt even telling him "wut to do" fuk him man if he didnt wunna listen to SAM! and i didnt really say anything until ROHAN asked us wut TOOK US so long and i wus like well you guys should WAITED cause of sam blah blah.. i didnt yell or anything just told them and someone named >****< took it badly but wutever he wus already being an ass so i dont give a shit if he had anythign to say anyways. hes so fukkn cocky sometimes like "oh this is nothing" if it is then keep it to your DAMN SELF. ok im calm.. pshh but that day i jsut wunted to punch him... but its okee now.. blah hes not on our team anyways as he says "im not even o the team but im here" [oo great effort].ok im just wastin my time lol.. but the hike uws pretty fun! on the top we hung out and wrote our names! ^^ russy wus sucha dork! my foen has BETTER reception than his! sucker! ^^ lol yeah we took pics up there and ate our power bars then startedgoing back down.. i uno seemed longer? but it wus good.. finally when we got down jessica bought some lemonade haha.. the guy looked like he wus deadat frist btu he wus just sleepy.. uhmm yeah well i went wit jasmine after to club sport to shower.. she went first and i waited for russy ehn jess so then i went to talk to viv cause she wus there from practice. they finally came ehn we chilled a bit.. haha we got him in but funny since hesso tall! he wus trying to do work out with the ladys.. haha they are old! but yeahthen me ehn jess went to shower and blow dry our hair when i get a fone call form russell saying where r we LOL and the we got out ehn just kiked it. i got a bagel cause i wus hoongry! heheh yeah then jess got a bgel for russy ehn then she started crackign nastyass jokes! man where is she learning this?! hahaha then we sayd byyye! and me ehn jess jsut wentto her hosue ehn i fell asleep then talked on the fone// kiked it. Her dad finally tookus to get some movies and we rented the lizzi mcguire movie ehn form justin to kelly.. it wus both pretty good.. haha i dont really like hilary duff but yeah i think shes better as a brunette lol.. and from justin to kelly wus cool cause it wusnt acutally like a muscial even tho they sang and stuff it wus movie then at parts they would dance so it wus cool. haha me ehn jess watched it all and booger called =D. then we got some pizza and went on the fone.. talked //watched tv i uno and then it wus night and i wus talking to russy ehn jess wus talking to camacho ehn he dad got mad cause it wus past 10 so yeah we got off and then i fell asleep with jess.. after at like 12am my mom came and we hdda go get my brother. then went home and i think i jut fell asleep.. i wus so TIRED.. i hate it when my brother makes me take are of his fukkn dog when its HIS REspONSIBILITY AND HE DOESNT CARE IF IM LIKE DYING TIRED CAUSE HES A FAG. grr.. [im not mean russell]

hehe yeah omfg i wus tired! blah i woke up at 845 and didnt wunna get my ass up but i wus suppsoed to because it wus jasmines birthday and i wus supposed togo shopping wit her today so i got up and then i remebered i shoulda got her a present but we dint cause my mom forgot to buy the VENUS razor! so then i hadda get ready then go to nob hill cause my mom had to get cash out so i wrote her a card and put money in and gave her skintimate shaving creme o yes ^^.. haha jasmine called and i wus on my way.. before that i wus on the fone wit russy haha he wus already awake cause jessica called. nothign unsual since she called me too and always likes to call like at 8 something?!?!?!?! gosh.. uhmm i finally gotto club sport..gave her the gift ehn then talked for a lil bit.. tellng ehr how my mom wus kinda lecturing meon how NOT TO BE a prosti like i wus stupid. her mom finally came out so her parents brought us to cheesecake factory^^ it wus nice [ not as ncie as the restaurant jess's mom brought me to in frisco] .. god they had hella big portions.. we didnt even get to have cheesecake =[ but its okee cause shit we didnt now how much they served us.. it wus yUMMY^^.. uhmm we got in the malland went in nordstrom.. shit hella things were xpensive! blah i didnt get anything.. it took me awhile to buyanythign cuase i couldnt find anythign and jasmien wus just plain picky LOL .. gosh shes so funny.. in the end, on her birthday, she bought nothing.. i bought 3 thigns with like 35$.. uhmm i got a sports jacket//lace shirt// tan sweater ^^.. the 2 tuff from forever and the tan one form macys.. forever stuff cna be cheap but some stuff i buy isnt cuase its thick. and to me it doesnt fuckn matter cause when im by myself and i dont have that much money then i dont liek to go buy 50$ jackets or some shit liek some people and forever isnt that bad . i wouldnt be talking sometimes if you SHOP there too?!?! anyways after that at like 3pm [i thought it wus short =/] jasmines parents dropped me home and my mom wus kidna bitchn so blah. but yeah i stayed at home trying to clean my room and my brother made me tkae care of his do which wus iiyte. then i tlaked to jess. man today [sunday] she is a woman! =D hehe we tlaked then she kept tellingme to call andrew and i did ^^. i joined the calls and jess talked a bit but then she hadda go and i talked to andrew pretty long.. shit his voice is SEXY!.. and you know even tho i dont knwo him THAT well i can get to know him plus ill probably see him at meets cause he swim for zone 2 too. so its all good. =] he called back to gimme tim's [babyblue] sn.. yah.. damn tracy's far. haha maybe ill see andrew at like PGA or sum shit. he hadda go so i talked to jessica and then russell . it wus fun.. yup and then just chilled or something.. my mom came home and we went to david's house to eat.. my mom left me there and then russell called ehn we talked and i did my homewerk and went home an then slept at like 12?

MONDAY=-> o09o08o03
ahh it wus first morning practice. SHIT i woke up at 5am and then got at club around 5:50am and then it wus only me ehn jas with mr smith. my ass still hurt =/.. uhmm we ran a lot and i sweat like hell. he gives hella good work out. it wus prob like a lil more tiring cause we havent had him for two weeks T_T blah.. i tooka nice long shower and then got ready and we hadda go back for my brother then my mom drove me back home and i got a waffle to eat and then headed back for school. i wusnt late ^^ yep.. oo in the mornign kiked it atthe table! we were eating the sutff wilrhem brought like the wax bottle where you could chew them and they had juice inside? LOL.. i forgot wut happened yesterday but nothign really.. ahh we're doing football n pe.. at least im not the only one who doesnt really wunt too.. im glad this persons TA now hehe.. uhhhhh i forgot wut happened yesterday probabaly nothign much but oooh i hope jennifer and that MR got everything straightened out.. ostly tlaked to russy on the fone.. haha he wunted to diss me for sleep man.. that meany! oo yeah now i remeber! i wus SOO TIRED IN ALL MY CLASSSES i wus bout to fall asleep and in first period i wus pretending to read but i would like clsoe my eyes to sleep and te first tiem kirk hit me i was like okee cause i didnt really sleep but the second time i woke up in shock cuase i wus like -_-zZz --> O.O! lol wus funny.. phuong anh wus mad at me =//.. but then we worked it out ^^.. yuppp nothing much

TUESDAY=-> o09o09o03
hehe today wus good like i said before.. i got my sleep this time! wo0t=] and then went to school and wusnt late agen! my classes were iiyte.. hehe im in the same team as dot^^ cause i wutned to switch football teams in pe.. uhh lunch wus cool.. i mooched off lotta ppl! blah but o well AHH DO YOu NOTICE IM GETTING INTO THE HABIT OF USING ".." TOO MUCH OMFG. blah anywas ill try to stop. mostly kiked it at school. finished stuff for leadership. hehe uhmm i got to knwo viet more hes sucha sweety no wonder ANDRIA my daughter hits on him! LOL hes cool hes one year younger. lol uhmm after school went over ehn tlakedto samantha and andria while they were waiting.. andria tlaks to strangers! ahahahamy cousin wus standing there and we were kidna far and they didnt knwo it wus my cousin and they sayd oh yeah im gonna give your tahitian wrap to that red guy and i wus like haha go ahead its my cousin and then samantha kept asking for his name and then andia went over and wus all like hii.. in her sexy voice HAHAHA.. man i taught ehr well.. JP.. after htey left went to talk to kim then went home! uhmm after went online.. then russy called me telln me to come pick him up from the bart and i wus like uhhh noo i cant and im not gonan take my mommys car LOL and now im just still updayting this shit.. oo but i called davis's house.. hehe i got the right number! dennis wus stupid and wrote the wrong one! psh it wusnt me! i copied it right but yeah he wusnt there and i jsut talked to nancy.. it wus tyte tho =] miss her ass.. yeah so ima goo.. omg my poor jenni got punched?!

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[03 Sep 2003|06:14pm]
[ mood | determined ]

hrmms school wus pretty good today i geuss.. hehe i got everything finished.. after school went to burrito express. wus hella hungry! ate nachos got so FULL =/ then chilled a bit wit tiffany cause chrsitine had to leave.. saw olivia ^^ and phuong anh stopped by then yeah me ehn tiffy went to nob hill and then we were walking back to burrito and sayd hi to phuong anh, camacho, michael Wang, alex, and reyna. then we elft and me ehn tiffy talked. hehe yeah then she went home and i saw kathy so i walked her to the stop sign and sayd bye and on my way back to pomeroy's small parking lot this FOB IN A CAR drove by and fukkn wus hitting on me i geuss cuase he wus liek smiling and nodding and giving me a thumbs up?! i wus like EWWW NO! and so yeah he drove off thankfully and then i wus real close tot he parking lot while the MHS flip guys or sumthing.. i didnt knwo if they are hot or not but i wus by mahself so i didnt wunan find out cause its not so great ot be surrounded by cute or not guys who are like maybe 3 years older or something by myself?! and like they hella hollered and were like HEY HEY HEY HEY and i wus liek wtv. haha not to blow them off or anything but yeah.. haha and then one of them whistled at me and i wus like ahhh! and then i walked into ymca and i think i heard one of them call mea btich cause i wouldnt come over. but WTV! hrmms i really wus curious to see if they were cute eh nhow old but too bad! haha i bet andria would be like hella yeah! anwyays i wus lookn for kathryn and then i found her in ms bunyards room and sayd my hellos then left and we went back to the ymca and talked outside. =] i havent had a good talk wit kathryn in so long! man we still good firends cuase shes hella nice and smarto! hehehe yeah it wus cool. then my uncle came and omfg they didnt see me at firs tso the left and i wus like WUT?!!?! and then they finally saw me and turned aorund lol! so yeah went home and went online and nothing new.. im jsut thinkgong of calling AA today or maybe sautrday okkk?.... blah well bye you all i needa get to do my HOMEWERK! =[ hehe im a procrastinator and proud of IT!

"Don’t find love, let love find you. That’s why its called falling in love, because you don’t force yourself to fall, you just simply fall."

i liked that quote.. i got it from someones xanger. yup ^^

4 *stars 4 your tears..

LABOR DAY WEEKEND! [02 Sep 2003|05:13pm]
[ mood | blah ]

i needa fukkn updayte shit.. i will when i get back form tahitian most likely.. blah.. bye!!! wait maybe ill do it now. im getting tired of my layout or wtv background etc.. omfg my grandma jsut yelled at me.. i ahte when she doesnt udnerstand wtf im saying .. gawd damnit.. i have homwerk and then i needa do other stuff.. well last week school wus okee.. uhmmmm friday i left school early to go to dive practice in pleasonton and the club sport there wus pretty nice! heheh but i like ours better.. o yeah i got fremont CS pride! LOL.. yeah well after diving got out and showered then jessica drove me ehn jess back to her house and then me ehn jess just chilled and talked.. all the crap i dont even remeber.. im gonna finish this later but all i haveta say is AA IS HOT OMFG .. haha ok im sorry im jsut yeah.. blah ill explain later.. i have tahitian so late!

OK im updayte form last friday

well if you read at the top thats wut i did and then after jessica's her dad dropped us at CS so we kiked it there a bit cause there wus booger and nicole and we talked to mark and then finally we left for salinas.. for soem reason tho it took us so fukkn LONG to get there! i swear! hhaha maybe cause mark takes too long to DRIVE cause hes a SLOW driver! hahah liek we stopped at places tho.. i wus soo hungry in the car.. hehe it wus me, jess, D, jessica, and janine. we stoppedat in and out .. shit i wus so hungry.. haha i wunted to go in ause itseemed funand there wus hella ppl! hehe [man i miss my swim friends] anyways when i got the food i chucked it all down ^^ YUM and then d and janine came back from the pretzel palce with nothing cause there wus soem problem forgot lol. haha after we saw mark and then took off for salinas agen! hahah i liek jessica's music.. haha we were singing GET LOW! OH YES! ^^ haha yeah we finally got there and jenni called me when i got out the car so i talked to her while i went to our room at travelodge! It wusnt so bad but yeah lol. well i talked pretty long and my swim friends complained! psh wtv! haha omg we did NAIR that wus so MESSY! i am not hairy people! LOL .. and then we played apples to apples and then called jenni back and talked and then went into me ehn jess's room where we shared wit jessica L and D[dominique] and then got ready for bed .. blah

woke up haha after D like pulledo ut the covers cause jessica kept trying to wake our asses up.. blah i looked terrible.. haha i hate waking up so early! but anyways we didnt get breakfast and i wentto check in! oooh MAN this wus the first day of the salinas meet where i saw ANDREW OMFG THE HOT ASS! =] but the really reason that caught my eye wus he has really nice eyes! =] and he has a nice look haha. ok enough about him uhmm then i swam the 200 free.. omfg i SUCKED ASS cause i didnt warm up and when i got in i felt so SLOW and numb but its ok cause for some reason those girls didnt go faster so it didnt feel that slow.. o well.. but omg i wus FREEZING im telling you i wus freezing.. man i love boney's mom she is so nice.. she's all "are you alright? you seem down today" hehe she like cares at least haha but really i wus jsut FREEZING! blah.. hehe yeah i fergot wut else i swam... oh yeah like my 100 fly.. it wus ok.. i got 1:17 man i coulda gone faster but my arms like DRAGGED... i dont have enough power man cause i tried sprinting it all.. boney beat me by one second but its okee! stephanie did good! hehe i didnt really get to know her until this meet and shes so nice i like her optimistic spirit! =D.. hahah yeah val wus there too! my weirdo swim buddy! ^^.. well the swim meet went ok after and we had relays.. yup yup then tooka shower and back to the travel lodge to change and i watched them play apples to apples and we went to EAT! we went to olive garden.. man i felt weird paying for my own crap haha.. its like my mom always pays or sumthing? and so yeah we ate i shared wit stephy cause i didnt wunna use all my money and then i got HELLa full! we all paid and then went malling.

shit mark hella scared us tho lol.. cuase in salinas its all hispanic and like he told us not to stare cause all that shit they will beat our ass's cause soem people down there dont like asians and esp. white people and yeah some people there were hella GHETTO i swear. lol but i uno people were nice. hehe i thought these 2 guys looked cute there but yeah i wusnt bad didnt do anything! i went shoppign tho! mostly chilled wit stephy and jess. wus fun! we went to hella stores.. mostly i bought a look-alike puma bag, a nice jacket, army green tanktop, a white//blue striped belt and yeah.. hehe it wusgreat! they had good prices. then we went back to the hotel and played games.. i watched chicago with boney.. haha at times i would doze and she would wake me up.. man my knee hella hurt that night i uno.. blah and went to sleep!

uhmm this time i woke up better.. i finished writing booger her letter and then i arrived at the meet. i warmed up and got something to eat.. then i uno just sayd hi to MTW [milpitas tidal waves] .. haha i love their coach to shes so funny! my first even wus liek the 200 IM i didnt do so bad.. haha at least idid it under 3:00! oh yes.. haha my fukkn breast stroke! then i think my other events were like 100 free . 100 breast . 100 back. booger hella wunted to swim my 200 fly btu then i scratched it cause i could only have 4 events and i wusnt supposed to work my shoulder. hehe i saw Andrew agen.. but see ididnt know his name and i thought he wus hella fine. haha mark wus like who? and then i wus like nooo! you might say somethign and he might htink im crazy and you know wtf he did i think rachel told him cause he made her and then he went up to the guy and wus like "one fo my swimmer's has a crush on you can you meet her it';s a joke[or something like that]" and then he sayd " are you shure this isnt a joke on me?" and then mark wus like "it will embaras her more than you" and it DID! i wus so embarassed especially when i my hair wus all mussed up and then i wus wet in my swimsuit and surprised! LOL mann.. and mark wus like so ask him wuts his name blah lah and i shook his hand.. he's older and a lil shorter but man still CUTE!^^ after i stalked off cursing cause i wus like omfg hahah and then i went to talk to MTW and people and i told the coach and she started laughing LOL.. then i walked back and mark kept calling me i wus like wtv. and then i tlaked ot him and hes all i wont stop buggin you til you get his sn. and i wus like hrmms.. i unooo... so i got into clothes and he wus puttign away his stuff and then i finally walked over cause stephanie and jess sayd i didnt have hte balls or something and then i found out his mom is RIGHT THERE.. blah =/ o well haha i asked him if he has an sn and he's all no sorry.. i wus like aww man.. you suck and he chuckled. haha and then i asked if there wus anything else to KIT and he's all i got a number and he asked his mom LOL and like shes all where are you from.. i wus all squeaky liek uhh fremont flying fish and then shes all ok as long as you dont call late blah blah. and then she gave me a pen haha and i wrote down his number and said ok bye. haha the best fukkn part tho wus that i thot he left =[ but he didnt and then he walked past me and i didnt kno til jess told me or sum shit and the i lookedat him and then he turned around and looked at me and SMILED =D oh YES! hahaha then he left.. blah.. o well i wunted to say BYE! weirdo me. [[ahh still thinking of him hahahahah]]

well after the relays we went to take a shower an the home.. i talked to boney a lil and she did my fitness focus homewerk LOL and then charmaine called and her area code is 209 like Andrew's and at firti w us like wTF? howd he get my number and then i realized when i picked up it wus charmaine ^^ man i miss her! yeah talked a bit and then i fell asleep haha then woke up when we were clsoe to club sport.. boney wus makign fun of me cause when i sleep i opened my mouth HAHAHA.. well too bad you can examine it hahah.. and then we got out and we thanked the Adam's. it wus cool.. we chilled inside. it wus me//boney//jessica// and booger.. we were bummed cause the stupid cafe wus closed so we all decided to go to Mcee D's xcept boeny cause she wuntedto go home so then me//booger//jess walked to mcdonald's.. it wus hella funny we tried going thru the tennis courts to get out the way where it leads tot he rod to go to mcdonalds but it wus lockeD! so we hadda go the other way. it wus okee.. at first it seemed hella long cause we were soo HUNGRY! and yeah booger wus the best! she bought us meals! mine wus yummy.. [I MISS BOOGER SOOO DAMN MUCH THAT BOOGER BUTT SHIT] anyways we walked back and bogoers mom wus there lol.. we didnt get caught thank god. lol and then this flip guy came in hella strutting.. he looked iiyte .. he kidna looked older cause he kinda had a mustache but yeah shit he kept staring at me i wus like ok hello LOL.. i could tell he wus staring because me ehn jess went to the bathroom and i hadda feeling then wen we got out and we started talking to mark and we passed by and his head wus HELLA turned aorund looking and i saw him hahaha.. ok weird.. STALKER! haha j/p but its weird seeing him there cuase ive NEVER seen him there? o well anyways my mom called to pick us up and we talked to mark and he made a bet with me how i wouldnt CALL! and i wus like wTV i will call andrew im not a pussy. and then he sayd if i didnt i have to fix him dinner so yeah we shook and then got in the car wit my mom and jessica and dropped jess off and home!.. uhmm i fergot wut i did at home? clean and put things bACk? i uno hahah

[9//1//03] LABOR DAY
haha today i used hella my minutes i hope they were free! ahh o well.. uhmm slept til i woke up.. then took care of the dog a lil bit til my brother left and put the dog in.. then me ehn my mom headed to saratoga to go see Thirteen the movie and shit that wus sucha EXTREME movie.. it wus about a girl who used to be good but this popular girl changed her and her life wus REALLY bad it wus sad.. because i could see girls like this ruining their lives and shit.. then i got a fone call from jasmine talking about some stupid ass calls which i really wutned to cuss in the car but my mo mwus there so i wus like wtv.. hrmms.. then i got home and we talked more w/ booger there too.. shit we all think its her!!! i will not name but we ALL know who we THINK it IS that dumb ASS mofo! i swear.. IF it REALLY is her omfg we will all kik her butt! man.. then i went online.. uhmm then talked to jennifer or christine i duno but i wus packed with fukkn homewerk i needed to FINISH! and yeah.. but my labor day wus okee.. hehe i love jae's scaring!

[random thought]i gave up on him because its like he's playing us both and im not gonna take that crap so wtv. i dont trust guy's with my feelings. so its better have someone whos your friend where you know that they will most likely be there for you at times when needed as your friend!

4 your tears..

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