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x.. is this real? ..x

-♥- or am i simply dreaming.. -♥-

mi2z teE
4 May
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Sexy People//best friends haha

i give credit to the ALL the COMMUNITIES on my list that i am a member of. you should JOIN their community because the communities, thanks to them, have made all my bg, icons, blinkies and all sorts..thank you!!!

dont you just love my ?

this is just with

hrmms besh buds on lj

hey you can ride the horse! hehe

MOO! for jasmine -_^


wit Jae [jenniT]

aLso Reppn'

for yaya sister hood!... phuong anh, tiffy,n' christine!

i will always be

your entering

livejournal.. so hit me a comment just as long as its friendly =D thanks!

hehe this is castle! the place where i love to write!

and if your mean then you can just

big thanks to littlemskitten for most of this!

hehe i love the manga books etc.. hehe KARe KAno!

LOOK DOWN! i made these blinkies! isnt it cool! teheheh

can hide all the tears..
and i made the yaya//hawaiin flower one with mi2ztee one up there!.. teheh but all the other blinkies were made by my communities! go check them out as i sayd..

HEYY! hrmms..i guess please dont DIRECT link any of my blinkies! you can take them for examples as long as you upload them to your own server. Thanks!